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This option allows you to select any other available printer on your system to print reports or documents. Your system may have one or more of the following types of Printers loaded:
  • Dot-Matrix

  • Inkjets

  • Laser
When selecting a printer, it is useful to bear some features in mind.
  • Dot-Matrix Printers
Dot-Matrix Printers can print in 2 basic types of Fonts (i.e. Fixed Length Font and Proportional Fonts).
    • Fixed Length Fonts basically requires no setup and prints faster than the Proportional Fonts. Fixed Length Fonts also prints small fonts to fit into the various fields.


    • On the other hand, Proportional Fonts may be larger and looks better than the Fixed Length Fonts, but usually prints slower. It also requires setting up of the pages and paper size on Windows.

  • Inkjets and Laser Printers
These printers print faster and a better quality than dot-matrix printers and basically require no setup. To print multiple copies, you need to set the number of copies to more than 1. On the other hand, dot-matrix printers may print more than one copy at the same time, provided that you use the carbonised paper.
To Select a Printer and to do a Page Setup:
The select the Printer screen is initiated if you click on the button on any screen from which you may print reports, lists and documents. The default printer, which you have set in the Setup - Preferences - Printer menu option will be displayed on the Select the printer screen.

Title bar. Close button - Click to close or exit this screen. Select any available printer on your system. Click to set the Dot-matrix Printer Paper Setup. Click to save the selections and to close this screen. Click to close this screen without saving any selections. The name of the selected printer and the port will be displayed. Click to set the properties for the selected printer. All pages is the default print range. If you need to print only the current page or specific pages, you may select and or specify the print range. Select the number of copies to be printed.
Select the Printer - If it is a Dot-Matrix printer, which is selected, you may need to set the Dot-Matrix Printer Paper for the selected Printer. You may click on the button to launch the Dot-Matrix Printer Paper Setup screen on which you may set the paper type, size, quality and margins pages for any documents.
Click on the button to save your changes.