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This option allows you to print delivery notes. You may need to print delivery notes for invoices issued to debtors or customers, which will accompany the stock items or goods, when the goods are dispatched or delivered to the debtors or customers. When the customers or debtors receives the goods, they will check that the goods, as specified on the delivery note, is delivered in the correct quantities and quality and sign the delivery note to accept the delivery note. The delivery note will then be returned. Delivery notes are supporting documents for invoices. These delivery notes may be retained as proof that a customer or debtor has physically received the goods.

These documents may also be handy where your stock is in a warehouse where staff has to issue the stock items to the front office or even for security purposes when stock items pass a certain point in your business. Delivery notes will reflect information regarding the stock code, description of stock item, the units (for example each) and the quantity of items. The customer or debtor can verify the physical stock items from the delivery note when the goods are received. The delivery note also provides for the name, date and signature of the recipient of the goods. It could be a good idea to print two documents where the debtor or customer will retain one and the other one by your business. You may print any number of copies according to your specific needs.

To Print Delivery Notes:
Click on the Input - Documents - Invoices - Delivery Notes menu option or press the and and and and keys on your keyboard. The Document Type Options screen will be displayed.


Title bar. Close button - will exit or close this screen. Select, Screen, Printer, File, E-Mail or Fax. Copies - the number can only be selected if the Printer option is selected. Click to change the Printer and the Page Setup for Dot Matrix Printers. Click to print the delivery notes. Click to close or exit this screen. Select Document number, Date, Group 1 or Group 2. Select the Invoice Numbers for the Delivery Notes from the drop-down list. If this field is not selected you may only select Invoice Dates for Delivery Notes. If this field is not selected you may only select Invoice Numbers for Delivery Notes. Enter or select the Dates for the Delivery Notes.
Select the various options to print Delivery Notes.

Option Description
Send Report To Screen, Printer, File, E-mail and Fax are available.
Printer Setup You may select any available printer on your system and also set the type of paper and print quality for the selected printer.
Copies The number of copies can only be selected when the printer option is selected.
Sequence Can be viewed on screen or printed according to Document Numbers (Invoice Numbers), Document Date (Invoice Date), or the Document Reporting Groups 1 or 2 which you have created in the Setup - System Parameters - Groups menu option on the Documents tab.
From No - To Print Delivery Notes for a specified Invoice Numbers or a range of Invoice Numbers.
From Date - To Print Delivery Notes for all Invoices issued on a specified date or between two selected dates.
Use Periods If this field is selected, and more than one financial period (months) are selected, it will print the Delivery Notes per period.

Click on the button and the selected Delivery Notes will be printed.

Delivery Notes may also be printed for Point-of-Sales Invoices.