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If you cannot access these Plug-ins, please install the Plug-ins from the TurboCASH Plug-ins CD. If you do not have the Plug-ins CD, please contact us to order your copy.
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This CD also includes more than 200 movies on TurboCASH, the Documentation and a host of other Plug-in Programs and other Extras.
TurboCASH Plug-ins CD

This menu option allows you to convert data from Pastel version 5.2 and to work with Online Banking. To access this menu option - you need to install the plug-ins from the TurboCASH.Seven CD. If the plug-ins is not installed, the menu option will not be available.

To Access the Tools - Plug-ins menu option:
Click on the Tools - Plug-ins menu option or press the and and keys on your keyboard. A list of the available options will be displayed.

Click to Open, Create, Close, Delete, Save, Backup, Restore, Data Re-index a Set of Books, to Choose a Different Language or Exit the TurboCASH program. Click to create a new or edit or to delete a Bank, Creditor, Debtor, General Ledger or Tax Account, Budget, Contacts, Stock Items, User Reports, Repeating Entries, Repeating Invoices or to delete Documents. Click to do Stock Adjustments, enter transactions, copy Repeating Transactions into a Batch, generate Documents (Invoices, Credit Notes, Quotes, Purchase, Goods Returned or Orders, confirm Quotes and Orders), print Delivery Notes or Documents, editing Open Item Links and to update documents and batches to the General Ledger. Click to generate Batch Type, Creditor, Contact Listing, Debtor, General Ledger, Bank Reconciliation, Document Listing, Stock, Sales Analysis, Purchase Analysis, Tax and User Reports. Click to Set up Internet, Preferences and System Parameters. Click to initiate the Calculator, Global Processes, Search, Report Designer, T-Account Viewer, Export and Import Data, Data Integrity Check, Script Engine, Customise Languages and Plug-ins. Click to access the Help Files, obtain information About TurboCASH, Support information, Online Registration, download an Updated version of the program from Pink Software's Website. Click to Open a Set of Books. Click to Backup or to Restore a Set of Books. Click on the Setup - Preferences - Theme menu option to change the theme. Click to access the Calculator. Click to Clear or Reset the Transactions and Balances in a Set of Books, Do a Year-end process or to Transfer Transactions and Balances from one Account to another Account. Click to Export Data to other File formats in other Programs. Click to Import Data from other File formats in other Programs. Click to perform a Data Integrity Check on a Set of Books. Click to Customise the Labels in the TurboCASH program. This option will only be available if the TurboCASH Plug-ins are installed from the Installation CD. Click to launch the Pastel Conversion utility, Online Banking or T3DataUtility. Click to launch the Investigator on which you may search for specific data in a set of books. Click to view the transactions for a selected account in the traditional T-account format. Click on the Setup - Preferences - Theme menu option to change the theme. Click on the Setup - Preferences - Theme menu option to change the theme. Click to launch the Online Banking Utility. Click to launch the Pastel version 5.2 to TurboCASH data conversion utility. Click to select Sales, Purchase Documents or the Point-of-Sales Invoice. Click to reconcile any of the bank accounts. The Receipts and Payments Journal linked to a selected bank account, can be reconciled with a bank statement. Click to launch the Pascal Script Engine. Click to design your own reports and documents layout. Click to access the T3DataUtility. Click to uninstall the Plug-in utilities.
Select on the following menu options:


Bank Online The Online Banking feature allows you to import, download and save your bank statements and do bank reconciliation of your transactions in the payments and receipts batches in a Set of Books.
Pastel Converter This option allows you to select a Set of Books in maintained in Pastel version 5.2 and to convert the data into the TurboCASH.Seven format.
T3 Data Utility The T3 Data Utility feature allows you to explore the data in tables for a Set of Books.
TurboCASH Net Server TurboCASH passes the data to Razor Accounting Servant, which uses TCUTIL to update the remote server.
Bank Import Import the transactions in Bank Statements in a comma separated value format (*.csv) or a fixed length format. Before you can use this option, you need to have created bank accounts in your Set of Books.
TCASH Drill Down This extremely powerful program can be used to sort and filter all the transactions in a Set of Books with only a view mouse clicks . The TCDrilldown will help you hunt this entry and because of its sophisticated filter and order features does this quicker than any other way. Also will the TC drilldown show you the current sales in three screens with each there different approach of displaying data.
TCBrowser If you are more than expert than the average user and you know how to write SQL (Structured Query Language) then you will love the SQL Browser. Make any valid SQL query and run it. The return or result of your SQL rows can be grouped, filtered and sorted with just a few mouse clicks. This SQL browser also allows drag and drop features, which make it easy to work with. Anything can be exported to the XML (Extensible Mark-up Language), HTML (Hypertext Mark-up Language), Microsoft Excel, or a Text File format. This powerful tool will empower you to produce your own custom view of your data in TurboCASH.

Even if you are not an expert in the details or file structure of TurboCASH, you can also use this SQL Browser to filter and sort to see what you need to see. You may also use the TurboCASH Drill Down to filter, sort and analyse your data.
XML Audit File Export The XML Audit file export is the standard for exporting your data (General Ledgers, Debtors, Creditors and Transactions into the XML (Extensible Mark-up Language) file format.