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This setup feature allows you to configure cash float limits and to set the defaults for the point-of-sale invoicing screen to allow a point-of-sale cashier to edit selling prices or not or to use barcodes or not. This point-of sale setup only needs to be set once, unless your requirements change. For example, you may wish to change the float limit, etc.

If the Point-of-Sales Setup is not done, TurboCASH will display error messages and launch this screen. You first need to do the basic settings before you may proceed with the Point-of-Sales Invoices.

To Set the Point-of-Sales Entry Up:
Click on the Setup - System Parameters - Point-of-Sales menu option or press the and and and keys on your keyboard, if not already displayed. The POS Setup screen will be displayed. Click on the Entry tab. The screen will change to reflect the options for the Entry Setup.


Title bar. Close button - Click to close or exit this screen. Click to set the default batches, accounts, cash in till Invoice numbers and messages. Click to set Float Limits and to allow Invoice Editing. Click to set Drawers, Pol Display and Barcode Scanners and Parallel or Serial Port Settings and to Test the devices. Click to save the changes. Click to cancel and close or exit this screen. Click to select up to 2 Printers, Paper Type and Test the Printers. Select to allow Cash Float. Enter an amount for the Float Limit. Select to edit selling prices. Select to use Barcodes for Stock Items.
Select to use Cash Float, enter the float limit. You may also select to edit the selling prices or use barcodes (serial number tracking).
Once each of these settings finalised, click on the Peripherals tab to set the settings for cash drawer and barcode scanners.