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The Point-of-Sales Sales report will display the stock item (codes and quantities as well as the selling prices) and Point-of-Sale Invoices for each of your cashiers or salespersons generated during a Point-of-Sales shift. .

Once the Point-of-Sales shift is closed, no information will be available in this report. To analyse the sales, you may generate a host of other Sales Analysis Reports to analyse your sales by customer, group, product, salesperson, etc.

To Generate a Point-of-Sales Sales Analysis Report:
Click on the Reports - Point-of-Sales menu option or you may press the and and keys on your keyboard. If the Point-of-Sale Entry screen is active, you may also click on the down arrow on the right hand side of the speed button or icon and select the Report option. The POS Report Options screen will be displayed:

Close button - Click to close or exit this screen. Select Screen, Printer, File, E-mail or Fax. Copies - This field will only be activated if the Printer option is selected. Printer Setup Select to view the Cashup Report. Select to view the Sales Report - NOTE the amounts are Inclusive of VAT for cashup purposes. Will be activated if the Sales Report option is selected. Select to view all Salespersons or only the Salesperson or Cashier who's POS Shift is still open. Click to generate the report. Click to cancel and close or exit this screen. Select to view the POS Invoice numbers generated by TurboCASH.
If you wish to view the Cashup Report, select the Cashup option. You may view all salespersons or the report for the sales person if the POS Report Options screen was initiated from the POS Invoice Entry screen.
Click on the button to generate the report.

Once Point-of-Sales Invoices Shifts are closed, you need to generate the Salesperson by Product in the Reports - Sales Analysis menu option. You may also generate other Sales Analysis Reports to analyse your sales by customer, group, product, salesperson, etc. These Sales Analysis Reports generated in the Reports - Sales Analysis menu option and will not include any Point-of-Sales Invoices, which is generated during an open Point-of-Sales Invoicing Shift.