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The Point-of-Sales Process option lists the processing options to cash up, re-print the last invoice, close a shift, reports and to open a drawer.

To Access the Process Options for the POS Invoice screen:
Click on the down arrow on the right-hand side of the speed button or icon. A list of the 5 available process options will be displayed.

Click to enter the cash, payments received and the float in the drawer. Reprint the previously generated Invoice. Click to Close the POS Shift and to post or update the POS Invoices to the Ledger. Click to generate a POS Cash Up and a POS Sales Report. Click to Open the Drawer.
Select the required process option.


Option Description
Cash Up This option allows you to enter the amounts of the float and the payments received from customers and the number of slips, cheques, vouchers, etc.
Reprint Last Invoice This option allows you to re-print the last invoice.
Close Shift This option will Close the POS Shift and post or update the POS Invoices to the Ledger.
Report Allows you to generate Cash Up or Sales Analysis Reports.
Open Drawer This option allows you to open a cash drawer, if the cash drawer is attached and configured to your system.