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The Point-of-Sales Cash Up Report displays any system totals for payments received (cash, credit cards, cheques, vouchers) and the float (paid in and paid out) which is generated during the Point-of-Sales shift. This report may be generated at any time during a point-of-sales shift or at the end of the shift. At the end of the point-of-sales shift, you need to cash up and enter the payments received and the float into the system. These totals will be reflected in the Cashed Up (In the Drawer) column of the Point-of-Sales Cash up Check Report. Should the amounts you have entered when cashing up, differ with the system amounts or totals, a variance will be displayed. Any variances should be followed up to determine the reason for the variance.

To Generate a Point-of-Sales Cash Up Report:
Click on the Reports - Point-of-Sales menu option or you may press the and and keys on your keyboard. If the Point-of-Sales Entry screen is active, you may also click on the down arrow on the right hand side of the speed button or icon and select the Report option. The POS Report Options screen will be displayed:

Close button - Click to close or exit this screen. Select Screen, Printer, File, E-mail or Fax. Copies - This field will only be activated if the Printer option is selected. Printer Setup Select to view the Cashup Report. Select to view the Sales Report - NOTE the amounts are Inclusive of VAT for cashup purposes. Select to view all Salespersons or only the Salesperson or Cashier who's POS Shift is still open. Will be activated if the Sales Report option is selected. Click to generate the report. Click to cancel and close or exit this screen. Will be activated if the Sales Report option is selected.
If you wish to view the Cashup Report, select the Cashup option. You may view all salespersons or the report for the sales person if the POS Report Options screen was initiated from the Point-of-Sales Invoice Entry screen.
Click on the button to generate this report.

It is important that this cash up report be printed and retained before the Point-of-Sales Shift is closed, since the details on this report are no longer available after the shift is closed.

Any discrepancies or variances on the Point-of-Sale Cash Up Report, may indicate the following:
  1. Incorrect amounts are entered in the POS Cash Up screen.


  2. Actual shortages or surpluses.