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Using TurboCASH


To open the cash drawer, a cash drawer must be connected and setup on your system in the Setup - Point-of-Sales (Peripherals tab) menu option. Should the cash drawer be connected to a serial port, you may need to set the serial port settings and test the drawer.

This option allows you to open the Cash Drawer, if the Cash Drawer is not automatically opened. You may set the drawer not to open, when credit cards, cheques or vouchers are received for payment. You may need to open the cash drawer in the following cases: -
  1. Place an amount into the drawer (Float - Into the Cash Drawer)

  2. To process Float Movements - take an amount (Float - out of the Drawer), e.g. payments and change, if the drawer is not automatically opened.


  3. To Cash Up at the end of the shift.
To Open the Cash Drawer:
Click on the down arrow on the right-hand side of the speed button or icon and select the Open Drawer option. The Cash Drawer will be opened.
Place the amount into the cash drawer or take the amount paid out or change out of the cash drawer and close the cash drawer.

It is important not to leave the cash drawer open and to implement sufficient controls to safeguard any cash or other payments received. The cashier should also lock the cash drawer and see to it that no unauthorised persons has access to the cash drawer.