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Using TurboCASH


If you click on the Browse icon on the right hand side of a field on some screens, the Open screen will automatically be displayed. On this Open screen, you may select a valid file in any location on your system.

To locate an existing file on the Open screen:
Click on the folder icon on the right hand side of a field on a screen. The Open screen will be displayed.

Title bar. Click to display Windows help on this screen. Close button - click to exit this screen. The name of the selected folder. Click on the down arrow to select another folder on your system. One level up - click to select another file in a folder. Create new folder. Back - click to go to the previous folder. View menu - click to select the options in which the folders and files in the selected directory should be displayed. All the folders and/or files on your system or selected directory will be displayed in this area. A scroll bar will be displayed if all the displayed folders or files do not fit in the list of files area. The selected file name. Click to Open or transfer the selected file to the field of the TurboCASH screen from where this screen was initiated. Click to exit this screen. Select the file type if the correct type is not displayed. Click to go directly to the location on your system.
Check that the correct File Type is displayed in the Files of type field. If it is not the correct file type, select the correct file type.
Select the file in any of the available folders on your system. When you click on the File, the name of the File will be displayed in the File name field.
Click on the button. The file name will be transferred to the field on the TurboCASH screen from where the Open screen was initiated.