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Should you have any Open Item Debtors, an Open Item Selection screen will automatically be displayed. This screen will list all debit transactions as well as the opening balance (if any) for the debtor account you have selected in the account field for a transaction. This Open Item selection screen will be displayed in the following cases:
  1. A Credit transaction for a selected Debtor account which is set as an open item Debtor account, in the account field of a normal batch entry screen on the Input - Batch Entry menu option. This would normally be the receipts journal or any other batch for which you have entered a credit transaction.

  2. Update or post documents if you generate a Credit Note for a Debtor account, which is set as an open item Debtor account.
To Select an Open Item Transaction on the Open Item Selection screen:

The Open Item selection screen will be automatically displayed when an amount (credit transaction) is entered for a selected Open Item Debtor account in a batch or a Credit Note document, which is updated or posted to the Ledger.


Title bar. Close button - Click to close or exit this screen. An arrow pointer will indicate the selected transaction. The date of the debit transaction entered in the Sales Journal or the date of an Invoice or POS Invoice. The Reference number transaction entered in the Sales Journal or the document number of an Invoice or POS Invoice. The deposit or receipt reference number in the Receipts batch. The amount of the transaction. The outstanding amount will be a less than the transaction amount, if a previous payment is linked to a transaction. The amount of the deposit or receipt in the Receipts batch. Vertical scroll bar - move up or down to view more transactions, if necessary. Click to close or exit this screen.
Select the specific invoice or transaction for which, you are receiving the payment or to which you wish to allocate or link the specific credit transaction.
You may overtype the displayed amount to one or more invoices or debit transactions. You may then press the key on your keyboard. This links the payment received or other credit transactions to a specific selected transaction and the Open Item Selection screen will be closed or exited and you may continue to enter the rest of your transactions.

This feature is implemented in TurboCASH T3 version 3.04 and later. You may at a later stage edit the open item links for a specific debtor or clear all links on the Input - Open Item Link menu option.

Should you enter a credit transaction for a debtor account and there are no items to link, or when you have not updated or posted the sales journal or other debit transactions, which is in an unposted batch or Invoice, the following Information message will be displayed:

Click on the button and select the correct Debtor account if an incorrect account have been selected or exit the batch and first update or post the unposted batches or Invoices containing the debit transactions for the Debtor's account.

If you are registered for VAT on the Payments Based - VAT Accounting Basis, this Open Item Selection screen will be displayed when ever you process payments received from Debtors in the Receipts journal.