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Using TurboCASH


You may update TurboCASH or download files from our TurboCASH website free. All new TurboCASH releases (stable updates as well as full versions, beta releases and extras) are available from our project page at SourceForge.  Please feel free to visit our project page at Sourceforge to download new versions of TurboCASH, updated files or extras for free.

You are also invited to download beta versions of TurboCASH and contribute to help us to improve TurboCASH. Please feel free to report any bugs on our bug reporting system at SourceForge. You are also invited to visit our forum to find solutions and to contribute.

To TurboCASH on the Internet:
Connect to the Internet, if not already connected.
Please visit our Web page and select the FREE Downloads - Download TurboCASH Software option. You may also click on the Help - Online Update menu option in TurboCASH or press the and and keys on your keyboard. Our project web page at SourceForge will automatically be loaded in your system's default Internet Browser. In this example, Mozilla Navigator is used as the Internet Browser.

Select the latest version to download. Update files (4MG) or full versions (approximately 72MB) are listed.

PLEASE NOTE: - If you have already installed TurboCASH versions 3.72 or earlier on your system, you need to download the full version of TurboCASH (approximately 72MB).

Once the file download is selected, you will be directed to select a download site or download mirror. Select the site and click on the download link. The Opening TurboCASH... screen will be displayed.

Select the Save it to Disk option and click on the OK knoppie button.
The Save As screen will be displayed.

Title bar. Click to display Windows help on this screen. Close button - click to exit this screen. The name of the selected folder. Click on the down arrow to select another folder on your system. One level up - click to select another file in a folder. Create new folder. View menu - click to select the options in which the folders and files in the selected directory should be displayed. Back - click to go to the previous folder. All the folders and/or files on your system or selected directory will be displayed in this area. The file name will automatically be displayed. You may enter a file name for the file you wish to save. Click to Save the file in the selected File format. Click to exit this screen. The file type for the downloaded file type or application will automatically be displayed. Click to go directly to the location on your system
Select a directory, file or folder in which you wish to save the downloaded file.
Click on the button. The selected file will start to download to the specified location on your system.


Once the Download process is finished, the Progress in the Download Manager will be displayed as Finished. double-click on the downloaded file in the Download Manager and follow the TurboCASH Installation instructions.

You may click on the Remove from list item underneath the title bar of the Download Manager to remove the file from the list. The downloaded file will still be available in the place where it was originally saved.

Mozilla Suite which includes the Navigator, Composer (Web page / HTML Editor) E-Mail and Newsgroups, ChatZilla and an Address Book is available in the Mozilla Folder on the TurboCASH CD. The latest version (approximately 11MB) is available at http://www.mozilla.org/products/mozilla1.x/  as a free download on the Internet.

It is recommended that you create backups of your Sets of Books before you install or open any of the downloaded TurboCASH program or update files.

It will not be necessary to register TurboCASH again, if you have already registered TurboCASH on your system. If you have de-installed TurboCASH on your system, you need to re-enter your registration codes in the Register your TurboCASH menu option or when you start the TurboCASH program.

If you wish to read more on registering TurboCASH, or if you have not already registered TurboCASH, you may read the following: