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Using TurboCASH


This option allows you to register your program on the Internet. If your program is not registered, you may only process up to 150 transactions and you cannot update your TurboCASH program online. Also see Registering TurboCASH.

To Register your TurboCASH program online:
Connect to the Internet, if your Internet connection is not already activated.
Click on the Help - Online Registration menu option or press the and and keys on your keyboard. Your system will connect you to the Internet from within the TurboCASH program. The following Registration web page will be displayed in your Internet Browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, etc.):

Please enter your first name. Please enter your surname. Please enter your role or job title. (optional). Please enter the name of your company. (optional). Enter the type of business, which is the closest to your type of business or industry. (optional). Please enter a telephone number. (optional). Please enter your e-mail address. Please enter your postal address. (optional). Please enter your city or town. (optional). Please enter your postal code. (optional). Please select your country. Enter any additional remarks or comments. (optional). Click to submit this form. Please enter a cellphone or mobile phone number. (optional).


Enter and select the following:

Name Please enter your first name.
Surname Please enter your surname.
Country Please select your country.
Email Please enter your e-mail address.
Occupation Please enter your occupation or job title. (optional).
Company Name The trading name of the business. (optional).
Industry Please enter the type of business your company is performing. (optional).
Telephone Please enter your telephone number. (optional).
Mobile Please enter your cell number or mobile phone number. (optional).
Address 1 and Address 2 Please enter your postal address. (optional).
City Please enter the name of your city or town. (optional).
Postal Code Please enter your postal code or zip code. (optional).
Remarks Please enter any additional remarks or comments. (optional).

Click on the button. You will be notified of the serial number and the unlocking code. Your program will then be registered at TurboCASH. Once you have received these codes, you need to enter then on the registration screen next time when you start TurboCASH.

You will not be able to update your TurboCASH program online on the Help - Online Update menu option if your TurboCASH program is not registered.