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This option allows you to view any transactions of a imported bank statement or downloaded bank statement. The Online Banking Transaction Report will be displayed when you click on the OK button of the Statement Options screen.

Title bar - double-click to display the screen in full size or to return to the normal size. Minimise button - click to minimise this screen. Restore button - click to display this screen to full size and click again to restore it to its original size. Close button - Click to close or exit this screen. Zoom to fit. Zoom to 70%. Zoom to page width. First page. Previous page. Next page. Last page. Go to page - The Select a page screen will be launched on which you may enter a page number. Click to select a Printer and to set the Properties for the Printer. Print - The report will be printed on the system printer or other selected printer. Save Report. Load Report. Click to close or exit this screen. The number of Receipts / Deposits into the Bank account. The number of Payments / Withdrawals / Charges out of the Bank account. The date of the transaction. The bank memo or descriptions as of cheques and deposits, bank charges. The transaction amounts. The accumulative balance available. Vertical scroll bar - move up or down to view more information. Page number. Drag to resize this window.

This report will display the transaction date, the bank memo (description as is displayed on the bank statement), the amount and the accumulative available funds after each transaction. At the end of the report, the number of deposits and withdrawals (cheques or payments, etc.) as well as the amount or value of these credits and debits.


You have the following options to view and manage the bank statement transaction report:

Zoom buttons:

- Zoom to fit - A print preview - full page will be displayed to preview the report on screen. This will indicate how the report will be displayed when printed.

- Zoom 70% - This will display the preview at full size on the screen.

- Zoom to width - The report will be displayed in the width of the paper settings.

Navigation buttons:

- Go to the first page, if the report has more than one page.

- Go to the previous page, if the report has more than one page.

- Go to the next page, if the report has more than one page.

- Go to the last page, if the report has more than one page.

- Go to a page specified number.

Printing buttons:

- Select any available printer and set the properties for the printer.

- Print the report on the default system printer as set in the Setup - Preferences - Printer menu option or to the selected printer.

File buttons:

- Save the report displayed in the Print Preview screen to a Quick Report (*QRP) file format.

- Load or open an existing Quick Report (*QRP) bank statement file.

- Close this Print Preview screen.