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Using TurboCASH


There are 3 basic buttons in the TurboCASH program and in most of the other programs, which allows you to minimise, restore and to close the TurboCASH program as well as any screens on your desktop. We will also look how to switch to other active programs on your system. The following 3 buttons are usually located on the right-hand side of the Title bar of most active screens on your desktop:

- Minimise Click on this button to minimise the program in the Windows Task bar.

- Restore Click on this button to display the TurboCASH program in a smaller screen on your desktop. This button will change to a single square and by clicking on this button the TurboCASH program will be restored to its original size.


- Close This button will exit the TurboCASH program. It has the same function as the Exit TurboCASH menu option on the File menu.

When the restore button is displayed as a single square button in the title bar, and TurboCASH program is displayed at a smaller size than your desktop, the bottom left corner of the TurboCASH program screen will change to .

You may resize the screen to any size on your desktop by moving the mouse pointer to any place on the edge of the TurboCASH screen or window. When the mouse pointer changes to a double-sided arrow, click on the mouse and drag the edge of the screen to desired position.

If the minimise as well as the restore buttons are displayed in the title bar of a screen in TurboCASH, you may double-click on any place of the title bar to display the screen in a larger size or to return to its default size.