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Using TurboCASH


Your system may have its own Screen Savers installed. TurboCASH has also provided you with a Screen Saver, which can be installed from the installation CD.

To Install the TurboCASH Screen Saver:
When you insert the TurboCASH. Seven Installation CD in your CD-ROM drive on your system, a screen giving you the installation options will be displayed. Select the Install Screen Savers option to install the Screen Saver. Or you may open the ScreenSaver Folder on the Installation CD and click on the icon. The Screen Saver Installation screen will be displayed.

Click on the OK button. The Software License Agreement screen will be displayed.


Read the License Agreement and click on the Yes button. The Screen Saver Installation - Welcome screen will be displayed.

Select to set this screen saver as the Windows Default Screen Saver. You may also remove the tick to retain your current Screen Saver as the default Screen Saver. The Screen Saver Installation - Installing screen will be displayed.

Wait while the installation process is busy. Once the Screen Saver is installed, the Display Properties screen will be displayed.

Set the minutes to wait before the screen saver is turned on from 1 minute to 60 minutes. You may also click on the Preview button to view the Screen Saver.
Click on the Apply button of the Display Properties screen to save your changes.
Click on the OK button to close or exit the Display Properties screen.

If you wish to turn the sound off for the TurboCASH Screen Saver, click on the Setting button. The Screen Saver Properties screen will be displayed.

Select the Mute Sound field and click on the OK button.

In addition to your system passwords and the passwords, which you may have set for a Set of Books in TurboCASH on the Setup - System Parameters - Access Control menu option, you may also use the Screen Saver Password, if the software of your operating system and display adapters (graphics card) has such a facility. If you have set a Screen Saver password, your operating system will prompt you to enter a Screen Saver password.

It is recommended that your Screen Savers be turned off when you perform large operations, such as converting data or perform the year-end procedures.