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Using TurboCASH


There are 11 speed buttons or icons that can be located on the toolbar in the Help file. You can use these buttons or icons to navigate in the Help File and to have quick access to e-mail addresses and web sites. You may also print and set specific options in the Help file.

Click to hide or show the navigation pane. Click to locate a topic in the contents tab. Click to go to the previous displayed page. Click to go to the next page if a previous page is displayed. Click to stop a web page from downloading. Click to refresh a web page contents. Click to return to the Welcome to TurboCASH topic. Click to print a selected topic or sub-topic to the printer. Click to access any of these options and to turn the search highlight on or off. Click to display the Support topic. Click to access important Web Sites and to send E-mail.

The speed buttons on the Toolbar is as follows:


Icon Description
This will close or display the Navigation pane, which contains the Contents, Index, Search, and Favorites tabs. The button will change to if the navigation pane is hidden.
This will return to the Contents tab and it will locate the topic entry in the Contents tab.
This displays the last topic you have viewed before the current topic or the previous Web page you have accessed.
This displays the next topic in a previously displayed sequence of topics or Web pages.
This will stop to download file information. Click this button to stop a Web page from downloading.
This will update Web content that is currently displayed in the topic pane, if you have accessed the any Web Site accessed from within a topic pane.
This will display the Home page topic, Welcome to TurboCASH.
This will allow you to print the selected topic or to print the selected heading and all related subtopics.
This will allow you to access all of these toolbar options and set your Internet Options for your Internet Browser and to set the Search Highlight on or off.
This will display the Support topic from where you may send mail to the support team or access Pink Software (Pty) Ltd.'s Web site if you click on the Web address.
This will display the Internet topic where you may choose to access some important Web sites or to access your e-mail program and to send e-mail message to Pink Software by clicking on one of the links.

To access Pink Software's Web site or any other available web site address or to send e-mail to any available e-mail address from within the Help File or the TurboCASH program, your system must be configured for the Internet.