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Using TurboCASH


The following keyboard shortcuts can be used for navigation in the Help file:
  1. For the Help file:

  2. To Press
    Close the Help file.  and
    Switch between the Help file and other open programs or folders. Press the key on your keyboard and press the key. All the open programs and folders on your system will be displayed. By keeping the key in and pressing the key, the next open folder or program on your system will be selected. If you release the key, the selected program or folder will be displayed.  and
    Display the Options menu. Press the key in and press the button. All the available options will be listed. By keeping the key in, you may click on any of the Underlined characters of an active option. to initiate the selected option.  and
    Change Microsoft Internet Explorer settings. The Internet Options dialog box contains accessibility settings. To change these settings click the General tab, and then click Accessibility.  and then press
    Hide or show the Navigation pane.  and then press
    Print a topic.  and then press or right-click in the current topic pane.
    Move back to the previous topic (provided you have viewed it previously).  and or  and then press
    Move forward to the next topic (provided you have viewed it just previously).  and or and then press
    Turn on or off search highlighting.  and then press
    Refresh the topic that appears in the Topic pane (this is useful if you have linked to a Web page).  and then press
    Return to the home page - Welcome to TurboCASH.  and then press
    Stop the viewer from opening a page (this is also useful if you are linking to the Web and want to stop a page from downloading).  and then press
    Jump to the Support or the Internet (Web site and e-mail addresses) topics.  and then press  or
    Scroll through a topic on the Topic window or an entry in the Context, Index, Topics Found, Search and Favourites tab.  and will move one line up or down, or and will move a viewable area up or down.
    Scroll through all the links in a topic or through all the options on a Navigation pane tab.
  3. For the Contents tab:

  4. To Press
    Display the Contents tab.  and
    Open and close a book or folder. Click on the sign and sign or press  and
    Select a topic.  and
    Display the selected topic.
  5. For the Index tab:

    To Press
    Display the Index tab.  and
    Type a keyword to search for.  and then type the word
    Select a keyword in the list.  and
    Display the associated topic.  and
  7. For the Search tab:

  8. To Press
    Display the Search tab.  and
    Type a keyword to search for.  and then type the word
    Start a search. and
    Select a topic in the results list.  and then press  and
    Display the selected topic.  and
    Search for a keyword in the result list of a prior search.  and
    Search for words similar to the keyword. For example, to find words like "running" and "runs" for the keyword "run."  and
    Only search through topic titles.  and
  9. For the Favorites tab:
To Press
Display the Favorites tab.  and
Add the currently displayed topic to the Favorites list.  and
Select a topic in the Favorites list.  and then press  and
Display the selected topic.  and
Remove the selected topic from the list.  and

  • There are also Shortcut Commands that can be accessed through the keyboard for the Topic pane and the Contents and Favorites tab.

  • The Match similar words check box, on the Search tab, will be selected if you used it for your last search.