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The search feature allows you to locate every occurrence of a word or phrase that may be contained in a help file you may type the word or phrase. There are also some selections and filters, which you may use to find a help topic.

To access the Search tab you need to click on this tab or press the and keys on your keyboard.

A basic search consists of the word or words or a phrase you want to find. This facility allows you to further define your search for a word or words, which is contained in the various topics.


The basic rules for formulating queries are as follows:
  • Searches are not case sensitive, so you can type your search in uppercase or lowercase characters.

  • You may search for any combination of letters (a-z) and numbers (0-9).

  • Punctuation marks such as the period, colon, semicolon, comma, and hyphen are ignored during a search.
Contents tab - Table of Contents lists the topics and sub-topics. Index tab - search for topics and keywords from a list of the available topics or keywords. Search - allows you to define criteria and to search for topics, words or phrases. Favourites tab - Bookmark - maintain a list of topics, you wish to refer to at a later stage. A list of all the listed topics found as defined in your search criteria.. Enter a word or a phrase to find. Click to select any of the previous search results. Click to refine your search with boolean operators (AND, OR, NOR, NEAR). Click to list the topics as defined in the search to the list. Click to display a selected topic. Select to search for the previous search results. Select to search for all similar keywords. Select to search for topic titles only.

To Search for a specific word or words or phrases:
  • If you have previous entries, you may select any of the available entries on the drop down list.

  • Type in the word or words to search for.

  • Click on the List Topics button or press the and keys. The list of available topics containing the entered or selected word or words will be displayed. The number of topics found would be displayed as well as numerical characters ranking the List of topics will be displayed next to each of the topics found.

  • You may select any of the available listed topics and click in the Display button or press the and keys. The selected topic will be displayed in the Topic pane.
You can to further define your search by clicking on the Arrow pointing to the right > next to the "Type in the word(s) to search for -field" and select anyone of the following options:

Search for Option Example Search Results
Both terms in the same topic AND bank AND reconciliation Topics containing both the words bank and reconciliation will be listed. All topics containing only the word bank or the word reconciliation will be excluded from the list
Either term in a topic OR bank OR reconciliation Topics containing either the word bank or the word reconciliation or both words will be listed.
The first term without the second term NOT bank NOT reconciliation Topics containing the word bank only will be listed. Topics containing both the words bank and reconciliation will not be listed.
Both terms in the same topic, close together NEAR transactions NEAR bank Only Topics containing the word transactions near (within 8 words of) the word bank will be listed.

These Operators must be entered between two words or phrases.

The following options is also available to define your query or search criteria:

Option Description
Search Previous Results Allows you to search only the last group of topics you searched. Note: If you want to search through all the files in a help system, this check box must be cleared.
Match similar words This feature allows you to include minor grammatical variations of the word or words or phrase you search.
Search titles only This feature allows you to search only for titles containing the selected word or words

If you access the search tab at a later stage, the search tab will open with the above fields selected if you previously used this feature.