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TurboCASH includes a comprehensive help system which allows you to access help on any screen in TurboCASH. It also includes many solutions on transactions a business may encounter. Some examples are , sales, purchases, petty cash, receipts, payments, depreciation, bad debts (calculating provision for bad debts, recording and processing transactions to create, increase and decrease provision for bad debts), recovery of bad debts, payroll transactions (salaries and wages) etc. In the case of transactions, we have also included the T-Account view (the way most of the text books on Accounting explains accounting to us) of the transactions for your convenience.

In addition to these comprehensive help topics, you may also order the Plug-ins CD info@pinksoft.co.za on which we have included a range of movie clips (209 movie clips) which allows you to view the help topics in the Camtasia Player. These movies and online help may also be previewed on our Website, http://www.turbocash.co.za in the online Movies and Help section.

To Access the TurboCASH Help System


This Help File can be accessed by pressing the key on your keyboard or click on the Help - Help menu option. You may also or press the and and keys on your keyboard.

Note that if you are working in TurboCASH and you press the key, the topic relating to the screen in which you are working will be displayed.

You may press on the and keys on your keyboard to close or exit this Help File.

Contents tab - Table of Contents lists the topics and sub-topics. Index tab - search for topics and keywords from a list of the available topics or keywords. Search - allows you to define criteria and to search for topics, words or phrases. Favourites tab - Bookmark - maintain a list of topics, you wish to refer to at a later stage. A list of all topics and sub-topics in the Table of Contents format. Vertical scroll bar - scroll to view more entries in the list. Horizontal scroll bar - scroll to view more characters of a topic. Topic title. Topic Text - You may set the font size in the Internet Browser (View - Text Size menu option). Vertical scroll bar - scroll to view more entries in the list. Pictures - move the mouse over to display an explanation of the area of the picture. Pop-up screen - click on a area of a picture to display a screen or to take you to a related topic. Pictures - move the mouse over to display an explanation of the area of the picture. Title bar. Double-click to display this screen in full size of your desktop or to return to its original size. Minimise button. Restore button. Close button - Click to close or exit the Help File. Click to hide or show the navigation pane. Click to locate a topic in the contents tab. Click to go to the previous displayed page. Click to go to the next page if a previous page is displayed. Click to stop a web page from downloading. Click to refresh a web page contents. Click to return to the Welcome to TurboCASH topic. Click to print a selected topic or sub-topic to the printer. Click to access any of these options and to turn the search highlight on or off. Click to display the Support topic. Click to access important Web Sites and to send E-mail. Click on the down arrow to select a related topic and click on the Go button to view the related topic. Click to download files and access web pages.

This Help File has a Speed button bar underneath the title bar. The Help File is further divided into two sections, i.e.:

Navigation pane - It is located on the left-hand side of the Help File. It contains four navigational tabs:
  1. Contents tab - This is the first tab in the Navigation pane and is similar to that of a table of contents in a book. It is an expandable list of all available topics.

  2. Index tab - This is the second tab in the Navigation pane and is similar to that of an index at the back of a book. You may enter or type a word or title or a part thereof, or scroll through the list. Topics may be indexed under more than one entry.

  3. Search tab - This is the third tab in the navigation pane. To locate every occurrence of a word or phrase that may be contained in a help file you may type the word or phrase. There are also some selections and filters, which you may use to find a help topic.

  4. Favorites tab - This is the fourth tab in the navigation pane. This is the same as a bookmark, which you will use in a book to refer to the topic at a later stage. After selecting a topic in the Contents tab, Index tab or the Search tab, you may add the topic to the favourites tab.
Topic pane - The Welcome to TurboCASH is the home topic. This topic will always be displayed if the help file is accessed from the Help - Help menu option. If you have pressed the key on your keyboard, while you are busy in on a screen in the TurboCASH program, the topic for the applicable screen will be displayed. Any selected topic on the Contents tab, Index tab, Search tab or Favourites tab will be displayed. In the topic pane, you will also find additional descriptions and links when the mouse pointer is moved in the topic pane:
  1. Underlined Words - These words are displayed in a blue colour. When the cursor is moved on the word or phrase it should change to a pointing finger. If you click on this link, the topic for that word or phrase will be displayed.

  2. Graphics or Pictures - if the cursor is moved on areas of a picture, specific notes will be displayed for that area of the picture. Should the mouse pointer change to a pointing finger on a specific area of the picture, you may click on that area. One of the following two options may be displayed:
    • A pop-up message may be displayed, or

    • The related topic for the area of the picture may be displayed. This allows you to read more on the related topic for the specific area of the picture. This makes the Help File more interactive.

The Help File and the Internet:
  1. Internet Access - Links to important Web Sites, to TurboCASH, Tax Authorities, etc., which you may need to browse has been included. If your Internet connection is activated, you may simply click on the Web Site address link. The Web Page will be displayed within the topic pane of this Help File on which you may browse the Web Site using the Speed buttons or icons.

  2. E-mail Addresses - The important e-mail addresses are displayed in specific topics. If you click on an Email address, Your E-mail program will be launched. The E-mail address will automatically be displayed in your E-mail program. You only need to enter the topic and the message for the mail message.