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Using TurboCASH


This option will exit the program. Before you exit the program, it is good practice to make backups of your data on a regular basis. Depending on the amount of data you have entered, you should decide whether to make a backup or not. You should decide how much data you are prepared to re-enter in case of a virus destroying your data or in the case of a hard drive crash, or even if your computer is stolen or destroyed in fire or other disastrous circumstances. It is important to retain your backup disks in a safe place preferably in a different location.

To exit the TurboCASH program:
Click on the File - Exit TurboCASH menu option or click on the button on the top right-hand corner of the title bar. Alternatively you can press the or press the and keys on your keyboard simultaneously. TurboCASH will automatically close any Set of Books that is open on your system and the following Information screen will be displayed:

Take note of this information and click on the button only if you are absolutely sure that you wish to Exit the program. If you click on the button, TurboCASH program will not terminate. You may then continue working in the program or do the necessary backups before exiting the program.