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When you create a Debtors Account, you may wish to enter a delivery address, if it is not the same as the address entered on the General Information tab of the Debtor Account. You may also wish to enter a statement message, which should be printed for the specific Debtor, when you generate Statements. This Statement Message is additional to the Statement Message you may set in the Setup - System Parameters - Statements menu option.

To Enter the Delivery Address and Statement Message for a Debtor:
Click on the Edit - Accounts - Debtor menu option (if the Debtor Accounts screen is not already displayed) and select the Statements tab.

Title bar. Close button - click to close or exit this screen. Click to create a new Account. Click to search for a Debtor Account. Click to delete a Debtor Account. Click to Save the data entered for a Debtor Account. Enter the Account code and name for the Cash Sales Account. Click to enter the delivery address and the statement message. Click to set the Accounting Information for the Debtor Account. Enter the statement message. Enter the delivery or street address. Click on the OK button to save your changes and to select a Debtor Account. Click to close or exit this screen.
Enter the Delivery address and the Statement message for the Debtor account.
Click on the Accounting Information tab if you wish to enter or edit any accounting information for the Debtors Account. If you do not wish to enter or edit the Accounting Information for this Debtor, you may click on the button. The Debtors search facility screen will be displayed. Select the next Debtor Account to delete or to edit, or you may press the key or click on the Close button to close or exit the Debtors search facility screen.