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When you create a Creditors Account, you need to set the parameters and accounting information as agreed upon with your Creditor when the Creditor's credit facility is approved. You may at any time select the specific Creditor account and change or edit the information on this screen when the credit facility is revised.

To Set or Edit the Accounting Information for a Creditor:
Click on the Edit - Accounts - Creditor menu option (if the Creditor Accounts screen is not already displayed) and select the Accounting Information tab.

Title bar. Close button - click to close or exit this screen. Click to create a new Account. Click to search for a Creditor Account. Click to delete a Creditor Account. Click to Save the data entered for a Creditor Account. Enter the contact details for the Creditor Account. Click to enter the delivery address and the remittance advise message. Click to set the Accounting Information Click on the OK button to save your changes and to select a new Creditor Account. Click to close or exit this screen. Select to use Open Item processing. If this field is blank, the Balance Brought Forward method will be used. Enter the credit limit amount. Enter a charge amount to generate multiple entries. Enter the Tax reference number or the exempt number. Select a Creditor Reporting Group, if a Creditor Group Enter the number of days for the credit facility granted to the creditor. Select Arbbitrar or 11 Proof. This is for electronic payments to creditor accounts. Enter the bank account number of the creditor. Not implemented yet. Select if you need to specify a default account for the transactions with the creditor.
Select and or enter the applicable options.


Option Description
Account Disabled This facility is not implemented yet.
Open Item Account Select this field if you wish to allocate or link payments or returns (debit transactions) to a particular invoice or credit transaction or purchase invoice. If this field is left blank, the Balance B/F when posting method will be used where payments made or returns issued are allocated against the oldest outstanding amount.
Due days Enter the number of days for the credit facility granted to the creditor.
Credit Limit Enter the credit limit, which your creditor has granted to you. When you are processing transactions, TurboCASH will warn you if you are exceeding this credit limit.
Charge Amount Enter a Charge amount, as agreed upon when your creditor has granted the credit facility to you. You may generate Multiple Entries - Creditors with Charge Amount, in any Batch Type or journal (except the Receipts and Payments Batch Types). When you post this Batch, TurboCASH will credit (increase the Creditors account) each of the Creditors accounts with the amount specified in this field and debits a specified account (e.g. Expense account).
Tax Reference If your creditor or supplier are exempted from tax or registered for VAT, the tax reference should be entered in this field.
Bank Account Type Select Arbbitrar or 11 Proof. This is for electronic payments to creditor accounts.
Bank Account no. Enter the bank account number for the creditor.
Creditor Group 1/2 The Reporting group to which you wish this creditor to be allocated. You may select any available Creditor Group 1 and 2 or any other name or description you have entered on the Reporting Group Name field on the Creditor Groups tab of the Setup - System Parameters - Groups menu option. You may select any available reporting group from the drop down list.
Use Default Account By default, the Use default account option is not selected. If not selected, you may process transactions to any account for the creditor.

If you need to process transactions only to a specific account for the creditor, you may select to use the default account. If you select this option, the Accounts Lookup or Search facility will be displayed, on which you may select the account. If the default account is selected, you may process transactions only to the selected default account for the creditor.

Click on the button. The Creditors search facility screen will be displayed. Select the next Creditor Account to delete or to edit, or you may press the key or click on the Close button to close or exit the Creditors search facility screen.