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The Document Print Options is part of the Document Entry header screen. Whenever you are finished to create or edit documents for your debtors or customers, (invoices, credit notes or quotes) and documents for your creditors or suppliers (purchases, stock or goods returned documents or orders), TurboCASH will ask you to confirm if you wish to Print the Document.

If you click on the button, you may print the document.


You may set the auto-post documents on print option in the Setup - System Parameters - Documents menu option to update or post documents automatically once a document is generated and printed. If you use this feature and click on the button not to print a document once it is generated, you need to update or post the unprinted documents in this Input - Update Ledger menu option.

Select the type of paper (Pre-printed, Plain A4, Service, Plain Eyeline, Forty). Select to send the document to the screen, printer, file, E-mail or Fax. The number of copies may only be specified, if the Printer option is selected. Click to select another Printer and do a Dot-Matrix printer paper setup. Click to print the selected document. Click to close or exit the Document Entry Header screen.
Before you print the document you may change the print options for the document.

Option Description
Paper Type Select the Type of Paper on which you wish to print your Document. The paper type you have selected in the Setup - System Parameters -Documents menu option on the Purchase Document or Goods Received Notes tab, should be displayed. You may select the paper type to print this specific Document. The available options are Pre-printed, Plain A4, Service, Plain Eyeline and Forty.
Send Report To The options are Screen, Printer, File, E-mail and Fax. You may send the Document to the Screen and print it from the option on your screen. TurboCASH allows you to send the Document via e-mail or on fax directly to your Debtors (customers) or creditors (suppliers), provided that your system is configured for the Internet and the e-mail addresses are valid and your fax drivers are set up correctly.
Copies The number of copies which you wish to print on the printer.
Printer Setup The Document will always be printed directly to the printer, which you have selected in the Setup - Preferences - Printer menu option. If you click on this option, the printer screen will be displayed. You may select any available printer on your system from the print screen.

If you click on the button on the confirmation screen, you may print the Document later in the Input - Documents - Print menu option. You may also re-print the invoice whether it is posted or updated to the ledger, or not.