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In addition to the standard messages printed on your documents as entered on the Setup - System Parameters - Documents menu option, you may need to enter a comment or remark for a specific stock item or transaction to be displayed on your documents.

You may change any line or row in the Document Entry Details screen to a comment line. This will allow you to insert a comment or remark, which will be displayed on the printed document sent to your debtors (customers) (invoice, credit note, quote and delivery note) or printed documents sent to your creditors (suppliers) (purchase or goods received document, stock or goods returned document or order).

To Insert a Comment in a Document:
Select the row or line directly underneath the transaction for which you wish to insert a comment. If you have any other transactions below the selected line or row, which you wish to keep, it is recommended that you click on the speed button to insert a line or row before you change the selected line to a comment. You should note that if any information or a transaction is displayed in a selected line, the information would be lost for the selected line or row.
Click on the speed button or icon or press the key on your keyboard. The following information message will be displayed:


Make sure that you wish to remove the transaction or comment. If it is the incorrect line or if you wish to retain the transaction, first insert a line or row and repeat. If you are sure, click on the button. The following screen will be displayed.

Enter the comment for the stock item or transaction and click on the button. The comment will be transferred into the selected line or row and will display as follows on the Document Entry Details screen.

Press the key to proceed to the next line or row.

Note that although the full comment is not displayed on the comment line or row, it will be displayed as entered on the printed document (transaction section).
You may proceed to enter any further transactions for the debtor or creditor. If you are finished, click on key on your keyboard to exit or close the Stock item search facility screen and to return to the Document Entry Header screen.