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When creating documents a header screen will be displayed, on which you first need to select the document type, the debtor account for invoices, credit notes and quotes or the creditor account for purchases, stock or goods returned or orders. When you have selected the necessary information, a second screen, which is the Details screen will be displayed.

On this Details screen you need to select the stock code or description of the stock items or service items for the transactions with your debtors (customers) or creditors (suppliers). This screen also provides features to edit transactions, add comments, specify discounts, copy transactions from another document, and to edit the transactions in a document (insert and delete a transaction or to delete all the transactions in a document).

Title bar displays the debtor or creditor account, document type and number and quantities on hand. Click to close or exit this screen. The selected document (Credit Note, Purchase, Goods Returned, Quote or Order will be displayed. The selected debtor account for Sales documents (Invoice, Credit Note, or Quote) or the selected creditor account for Purchase documents (Purchase, Goods Returned or Orders) will be displayed. The generated or selected document number will be displayed. The date as entered or selected. The Reference number for the debtor or creditor, if entered. Click to go back to the previous screen (Document Entry (Header) screen. Click to delete a selected transaction or comment in a row. Click to insert a blank row to insert a transaction or comment. Click to view the Exclusive or Inclusive of VAT amounts. Click to enter a percentage for overall discount for the transactions. Click to change a line or row to a comment and enter a comment for the selected line or row. Click to clear or delete all the transactions and comments from this document. Click to select a specific document for which you wish to copy the transactions and comments into this document. Select any available stock item from the search facility. The description for the selected stock item will be displayed. Enter the quantity for this stock item. Enter the quantity for this stock item. Select a valid tax code (Output Tax for Sales documents and Input Tax for Purchase documents). The discount as entered on the Accounting Information tab for the debtor will be displayed if the Apply Invoice Discount option is set for the Stock Item. You may enter discount for the transaction. The amount will automatically be calculated. It is the unit price x quantities minus any discounts, if any. The selling prices are only applicable to sales documents (Invoices, Credit Notes and Quotes). The default selling price for the debtor will be displayed. You may select any other selling price. Scroll bar - scroll up or down to view more entries (transactions and comments). The totals for the transactions in the document. Note the selected selling prices (1/2 or 3) for the selected debtor account. Note the Customer Discount for the selected debtor account as entered on the Debtor Account - Accounting Information tab. The selected selling price for Sales documents (Invoices, Credit Notes and Quotes) or the cost price for Purchase documents (Purchase, Goods Returned documents and Orders).


The following speed buttons may be used as follows:

Icon Description
Click on this button or press the and keys on your keyboard to delete a selected transaction.
Click on this button or press the and keys on your keyboard to insert a row directly above the selected transaction.
Click on this button or press the key to switch to the Inclusive mode.
Click on this button or press the key to enter a percentage for discount.
Click on this button or press the key to change a line to a comment line to insert a comment or additional information for the stock transaction.
Click on this button or press the key to delete or clear all the transactions entered in this document.
Click on this button or press the key to display a list of invoices of which you may select a invoice for a debtor (customer) to copy. All the transactions and comments for the selected invoice will be copied into the last line.