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Using TurboCASH


You may delete a password for a selected user. All other users may still continue to use their passwords to open and work in a set of books. You could also delete the passwords for all users, in which case the security options will be disabled.

To Delete a User Password and Security Options:
Click on the Setup - System Parameters - Access Control menu option or press the and and and keys on your keyboard. The Access Control screen will be displayed.

Title bar. Close button - click to close or exit this screen. A list of Users will be displayed, if created. If a User is created, the name of the selected User will be displayed. Enter a password for a user. NOTE that the password is case sensitive. Enter a valid e-mail address for the user, if available. Remove the tick to restrict an User from acess to system setup (preferences and system parameters). Select to disable a User. Click to Add or create a new user. Click to delete a selected User. Click to close or exit this screen. Click to create or delete users, enter or edit paswords and user e-mail addresses, disable a user or to hide disabled menu items. You may also disable or enable system setup, global processes and reconciliation. Click to disable or enable access to reports, i.e. creditors, debtors, general ledger,  stock and user reports. Click to disable or enable access to post batches, enter transactions in batches, create and edit invoices, creditnotes, purchases and stock returns or to block access to specific accounts. Click to disable or enable access to edit create or delete accounts (general ledger, bank, tax, debtors, creditor accounts and stock items, set the mode for the user and link the user to a salesperson. Click to hide inactive  or disabled menu items for a user. Remove the tick to restrict an User from acess to global processes (clear / reset. do year end, transfer transactions and update server). Remove the tick to restrict an User from access to the bank reconciliation facility. Click to apply any changes to a selected user.
Select the User icon.
Click on the button. You may also right-click on the selected user icon to select the delete option on the Right-click context menu context menu. TurboCASH will display the following Confirmation message:


Click on the button. The selected user password an all security options and access levels will be permanently removed. If you click on the button, the user will not be removed.
 Click on the button to exit the Access Control screen.

If you delete a user, if you have only one user, or the last of the users in a Set of Books, TurboCASH will clear all the passwords and security options and display the following Information message:

Click on the button and TurboCASH will not display the Enter Password screen when you Open or Delete the Set of Books.