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This option allows you to list your debtors accounts and to view the information as set up in the Edit - Accounts - Debtor menu option.

To generate the Debtor Listing:
Click on the Reports - Debtor - Listing menu option or press the and and and keys on your keyboard. The Debtor Listing Options screen will be displayed.

Title bar. Close button - will exit or close this screen. Select, Screen, Printer, File, E-Mail or Fax. Copies - the number can only be selected if the Printer option is selected. Click to change the Printer and the Page Setup for Dot Matrix Printers. Select the range of Debtor Accounts. Click to generate the report. Click to close or exit this screen. Select Account Number, Account Description or Debtor Reporting Groups 1 and 2 if you have set Accounting Groups. Select to view the details for the selected debtors.
Select the options for the listing of debtors' accounts.


Option Description
Sequence You may select the list of your debtors to be viewed in one of the following sequences:
  • Account Number

  • Account Description

  • Debtor Group 1 (Reporting Group 1)

  • Debtor Group 2 (Reporting Group 2)
The description of Debtor Group 1 or 2 you have entered on the Reporting Group Name field on the Debtors tab on the Setup - System Parameters - Groups menu option may be reflected in this drop down list.
From Account

A specific debtor or a selected range of debtor accounts may be selected.
Show Details If this field is not selected only the Debtors Account Code, the Debtors Name, telephone, fax numbers and e-mail address will be displayed. If this field is selected, the other details will also be displayed if entered or selected in the Edit Accounts Debtors menu option. They may include the following:


Delivery Address

Debtor Group 1 (Reporting Group 1 - As set up in the Setup - System Parameters - Groups menu option on the Debtors tab).

Debtor Group 2 (Reporting Group 2 - As set up in the Setup - System Parameters - Groups menu option on the Debtors tab).

Age Type (Open Item or normal)

Credit Limit

Status (Whether the account is active or not)

Charge Amount


Customer Discount

Contact person

Monthly Interest

Click on the button to send the list to the medium, you have selected in the Send Report To field.