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Each of your Debtor (Customer) Accounts is created in the Edit - Accounts - Debtor menu option. These Debtor Accounts are kept in the Debtors Ledger and contains specific information for each of your Debtors or Customers. Each time you need to process transactions or view the debtor details on reports, you would select the debtor account (by number or description) in TurboCASH using the Debtors search facility. If you work in Batches and Documents you will be able to select a Debtors Account in the Accounts search facility. The information for each Debtor will be displayed on Reports, Documents Statements, etc. You only need to change this information if the details for a Debtor have changed. The specific information are entered and edited on the following 3 tabs:

General Information - Account Code and Name, Contact information (Address, Telephone numbers, Fax numbers, E-mail Address, Contact Person) and Salesperson (if you have are selling Stock Items and generate Invoices, Credit Notes and Quotes)

Statements - Delivery Address and Statement Message.


Accounting Information - Account Disabled option, Open Item processing option, Due days, Credit Limit, Charge Amount, Tax Reference number, Selling Prices and Customer Discount Percentage (if you have are selling Stock Items and generate Invoices, Credit Notes and Quotes), Monthly Interest Percentage on Overdue Amounts, Bank Account Type and Number, Debtor Reporting Group 1 and / or 2 and the Default Account.

You may also disable a specific Debtors Account, if you do not wish to post any transactions to a specific Debtor's Account.

If you have converted a Set of Books from a previous version of TurboCASH or Pastel version 5.2, your Debtor Account master files will be automatically converted.