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You may wish edit or translate the existing labels or descriptions used in the TurboCASH program to suit your needs or industry. Care must be taken to ensure that existing labels in the master language are not amended. You need to create a new name for the file you wish to edit. You may at any time switch over to the master (English or Afrikaans) on the File - Choose Language menu option and back again to your new customised language file.

To create a new language and to edit or translate the labels or descriptions:
Click on the Tools - Customise Language menu option or press the and and keys on your keyboard. The Customise Language menu option will be displayed.

Title bar. Close button - click to close or exit this screen. Select any available language from the drop-down list. Enter a name for the new set of labels you wish to edit or change. Click to create a new label file. An arrow pointer will indicate the selected label record or entry. A numeric number for the label record or entry. A list of label descriptions, which is displayed on error messages and screens of the TurboCASH program. Vertical scroll bar - move up or down to view more labels or entries on the list. The default description of the selected label is displayed. The translated or edited label description will be displayed. The selected label description - if translated or edited, your new entry will be displayed. Click to search or find your specific criteria (words or phrase ). Enter a word or phrase to filter or display labels with similar descriptions or containing similar words or phrases. Click to delete a selected label record. - NOTE This is not recommended at all. Click to close or exit this screen. Horizontal scroll bar - move to the left or to the right to view more information on the list. Select to search for English text. Select to find any unchanged label entries. Click to display the number of label entries. Vertical scroll bar - move up or down to view more language labels or entries on the list. A list of the available language label files. An arrow pointer will indicate the selected language label file. A list of the available language labels.
The following options are available:


Option Description
Language You may select any of the available languages from the Drop down list. The selected language will be displayed on the list.
Create If you click on the Create button, no language will be displayed in this field. You may then enter the name for your own language.
Ref The number of the descriptions that is used by TurboCASH program.
Label Displays the descriptions of the selected language labels.
Default (English) Displays the original default English. This is the master file and it is recommended that it should not be amended in any way.
Translation (Edit) You may type in or edit your own translation in this field.
Test This is how your translation or edit in the Translation (Edit) will be displayed.
Search Enter a word or phrase and click on the Search button to search for the language label or labels for the selected search criteria in the language file. You may also select to display the English text of a label or to view the unedited labels.

Count - Click to display the number of labels found in the selected language file.
Language and slabel Displays the equivalent translated labels for each available language file.
Delete It is recommended that this button is not used

Once finished, click on the button.

It is strongly recommended that the labels which are edited or entered, is not longer than the "Default English" is. Too long labels can cause some options in the program not to function or display properly. Do not use the Delete button to remove any of existing edited labels.