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This option is used to create new Creditor or Supplier accounts to change the name, contact details, addresses, messages, accounting information and terms of an existing account, or to delete an existing account. You need to create your Creditors Accounts when you start to use TurboCASH and you had Creditors or Suppliers on your previous accounting records. To take-on opening balances for your individual Creditor Accounts, it is recommended that you create a Sundry Creditors Account to take on your Opening Balances in your Creditors Ledger.

If your business entity or organisation needs to purchase goods and services on credit, it is important to obtain the correct details and information of your Creditor or Supplier. As in the case of your customers and potential debtors, your supplier or creditor may also request you to fill in a form for your supplier to establish your credit worthiness. You supplier will normally also screen your application form for credit and agree upon a specific credit limit and terms when granting you a Credit facility.

Once you start purchasing goods or services from your supplier on credit, the supplier is your creditor. The details of the new supplier should be entered accurately, when you create a Creditor Account for the supplier. If it is not entered accurately, you may find that the Remittance Advises and payments may be returned by post, or you may not comply with your agreement with your creditor.


B> To create a new Creditor Account:
Click on the Edit - Accounts - Creditor menu option or press the and and and keys on your keyboard. The Creditors search facility screen and the Creditor Accounts (General Information tab) screen will be displayed.

Title bar. Close button - click to close or exit this screen. Click to create a new Account. Click to search for a Creditor Account. Click to delete a Creditor Account. Click to Save the data entered for a Creditor Account. Enter the contact details for the Creditor Account. Click to enter the delivery address and the remittance advise message. Click to set the Accounting Information for the Creditor Account. Enter a new account number or select an existing account. Enter a Name of the Creditor. Enter the postal address. Enter the postal code. Enter the telephone numbers. Enter the fax number. Enter the E-mail address. Select a Contact or enter a name for a contact. Click on the OK button to save your changes and to select a new Creditor Account. Click to close or exit this screen.

The account number must be entered - the rest of the fields are optional - but it is always a good idea to enter as much information as accurately as possible to manage your Creditor Accounts.
Press the button or click on the Close button to close or exit the Creditors search facility screen. Enter a six-digit Account Number. The Account Number must be prefixed numerically, followed by 5 alpha or numeric characters. As with creditors, the numeric prefix can be used to group creditors according to your requirements. For example, use the prefix 1 to differentiate the creditors from the debtors, followed by the first 5 letters of the creditors’ name or other number to suit your requirements. The following Confirmation screen will be displayed:

Click on the button. Enter the contact information or details (name, address, postal code, up to 2 phone numbers, Fax number and E-mail address) for the Creditor.
Select the Contact Person for this Creditor. The Contact person is the person with whom you will usually deal. If you enter a new contact name, which is not already created in the Edit - Contacts menu option, TurboCASH will display the following message:

Click on the button to enter the contact information (if different Fax, Telephone numbers or an E-mail address as entered already entered). Click on the button, if the contact details are the same. You may also, at any time, edit or change the Contact Information on the Edit - Contact Person menu option.
Click on the Remittance tab to enter the Delivery Address if it is different to that of the Address already entered on the General Information screen. You may also enter the Remittance Message, for the specific Creditor Account.
Click on the Accounting Information tab to enter or change the Open Item processing option, Due days, Credit Limit Charge Amount, Tax Reference number, select the Bank Account Type and Number, select Creditor Reporting Groups 1 and / or 2 and to set the Default Account.

If you wish to change any of the information or details, you may select the Creditor account and change the details.