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This facility allows you to create contacts and list their fax, telephone and e-mail addresses. You may also need to edit the details of an existing contact, should the details of the contact changes. The contact person is the person of the debtor (customer) or the creditor (supplier) with whom you usually deal.

To create a new or edit an Existing Contact:
Click on the Edit - Contact menu option or press the and and keys on your keyboard. The Contact Person and the Select Contact search facility screen, listing all your available contacts will be displayed. Press the button on your keyboard or click on the Close button on the search facility screen to exit the search facility screen.

Title bar. Close button - click to close or exit this screen. Enter a valid name to identify the contact person. Enter a valid fax number or change an existing number. Enter a valid telephone number or change an existing number. Enter a valid e-mail address or change an existing e-mail address. Click to save your changes and to select the next contact person. Click to close or exit this screen.
Enter the Contact Name. The following Confirmation screen will be displayed:


Click on the button and enter the rest of the details you wish to enter.
Click on the button to save your changes.
Press the button on your keyboard twice to close the Select Contact search facility and the Contact Person screens.

To Edit an existing contact (to change the Fax, Telephone and E-mail address), select the contact for whom you wish to edit the details.

Should you enter a new contact, when you create or edit Creditor (Supplier) Accounts or the Debtors (Customer) Accounts, TurboCASH will display the following Confirmation screen:

If you click on the button, you may enter as necessary if the contact has different Fax, Telephone numbers or an E-mail address as entered on the General Information screen of the Edit Creditor Accounts and the Edit Debtor Accounts.