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This option is used to create or add a new batch type in which you may enter or capture your transactions and update or post it to the ledger.

To Create a Batch Type:
Click on Setup System Parameters Batch Types menu option or press the and and and keys on your keyboard. The Batch Type screen will be displayed.

Title bar. Exit or Close the screen. Type in a name for a new batch type and click on the Add button. Add button - Click to add or create a new batch type. Edit button - Select a batch type and click on to rename the selected batch type. Delete button - Select a batch and click to remove the selected batch type. A list of all the available batch types. Scroll bar Close button - Click to close or exit this screen.
Enter a name for the new Batch Type or journal.
Click on the button.
Click on the button or press the key on your keyboard to exit this screen.

The batch type is ready to be used to enter transactions in the following menu options:
  • Edit Repeating Entries - to add repeating entries which may be imported and edited in the normal batch entry on the Input - Batch Entry menu option.


  • Input - Batch Entry <F2> - to enter transactions and to update or post the transactions to the ledger.

Payments and Receipts Batch Types for Bank Accounts.

If you create a payments or a receipts batch type for a cash-book or bank account, you need to create both batches payments and a receipts batch for the bank account. You also need to go to the Edit - Accounts - Bank Account menu option to create and link the payments and receipts batches to the bank account.

Batch Types for Documents:

If you are selling stock items or service items form your stock item code file or purchasing stock items from your stock code file, TurboCASH will generate the necessary source documents and write up the necessary journals for you. Each of the documents must be linked to a sales or purchase journal. You may check the journals, which is linked to each document of the following documents or change the batch types or journals to suit your requirements in the Setup - System Parameters - Documents menu option.