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TurboCASH allows you to set the options or defaults for a batch to enable you to minimise errors and or to maximise your productivity when you capture or enter transactions in a batch. The batch options or defaults only needs to be set once when you start to enter transactions for the first time, unless your requirements change.

The first time you enter a transaction in the receipts journal you should set it up according to your requirements. If you select the Receipts Batch on the Batch Type selection screen, the Contra Account will already be displayed for the batch.

To set the Options for the Receipts Batch:
Click on the speed button or icon. You may also press the key on your keyboard. Alternatively you may press the and and keys on your keyboard. The Batch Type screen will be displayed.
Select the Receipts Journal for a specific bank account and click on the button. The Receipts Batch Entry screen will be displayed.


Title bar. The name of the selected batch. Title bar. The Alias for the selected batch. Minimise button - inactive. Restore button - click to display this screen to full size and click again to restore it to its original size. Title bar - double-click to display the screen in full size or to return to the normal size. Close button - Click to close or exit this screen. Click to delete a selected transaction. Click to insert a row or line above a selected transaction. Click to balance the batch, if the batch is not already in balance. Click to post or update the transactions to the ledger, if the batch is in balance. Click to enter transactions Inclusive or Exclusive of VAT. Click to list the entries or transactions entered into the batch. Click to access more processing options for the batch. Click to set the Options for this batch. Enter the document or reference number for the transaction in this column. Enter or select the date of the transaction in this column. Enter a description for the transaction. Select the General Ledger or Creditor Account. Select a valid Tax (Output VAT) Account, if you are registered for VAT and VAT is applicable to the transactions. No amounts should be entered for receipts in this column. Enter the credit amounts for General Ledger or Debtor Accounts. Scroll bar - scroll to view more transactions entered in the batch.
If you have not yet set the receipts batch up, click on the button or icon press the key on your keyboard to Set the Options for the Receipts batch. The Options for this batch screen will be displayed.

The Bank Account is automatically displayed for the Receipts batch and cannot be changed. Cannot be selected for Bank Accounts. If selected, the reference number will increment by a value of 1 for each transaction entered in the batch. Select to enter transactions Inclusive of VAT. This field may be left blank if no Tax or VAT is applicable. If selected, the balancing entries will be summarised into 1 transaction where the contra accounts is the same for more than 1 transaction. If selected, the Description will be the repeated for the next transaction. Do not select for deposits or receipts. Do not select for deposits or receipts. Select to enter only credit transactions for General Ledger Accounts or Debtor Accounts. OK- Your defaults will be saved and this screen will be closed. Cancel - This screen will be closed without saving any changes. Title bar. Close or exit button. Receipts Cash Book will be displayed. Click to set the standard options for the batch. Click to set the advanced options for the batch. Select to hide the tax column and tax account lookup facility if no VAT is applicable to all the transactions in the batch or if you are not registered for VAT Select to reverse the contra transactions.
Set the Standard Options as for the Receipts Journal as follows:
Option Description
Contra Account The contra account is automatically set to the Bank Account. You cannot change this in the Payments or Receipts Journals.
Contra Account per Line As it is not applicable to the Payments or Receipts Journals, you cannot change it.
No Tax If you are registered as a VAT vendor, this option should NOT be selected, since you need to charge Output VAT on services and goods sold and returned. This would normally be applicable to services and goods sold for cash.

Select only to Hide the Tax column in the batch or journal entry screen as well as the Tax Account Search or Lookup Facility if no VAT is applicable to all transactions (e.g. payments received from debtors on which no early settlement discounts are allowed if VAT was charged on the Sales) entered in the batch or journal or if you are not registered as a VAT Vendor.
Increment Reference Number Tick this field to increment your Deposit numbers or reference number when the next transaction is entered.
Reverse Contra Leave blank.
Consolidate Balancing If you tick consolidate balancing, TurboCASH will consolidate all balancing entries into one entry.
Inclusive mode Inclusive mode allows you to enter amounts inclusive of VAT, when the VAT account is selected. If exclusive of VAT is selected, you may enter the amounts exclusive of VAT. (This is only applicable if you are registered for VAT and the transaction is a taxable VAT item.
Repeat Details The repeat description option tells TurboCASH whether to repeat the previous line’s description on a new line. You normally will not select this field, unless your Deposits or Receipts are of a very repetitive nature.
Amount Entry This will allow you to process Debit and Credit transactions in the batch. Select Credit to enter only the credit transactions for the payments to your ledger accounts or individual debtors or customer accounts.

Click on the Advanced tab to set the Advanced settings for the batch or journal.

OK- Your defaults will be saved and this screen will be closed. Cancel - This screen will be closed without saving any changes. Title bar. Close or exit button. Click to set the standard options for the batch. Click to set the advanced options for the batch. Select to automatically balance the batch. Leave blank. Select if you need to disable the open item settings for Debtor accounts. Leave blank. Select to display All accounts or only General Ledger or Debtor accounts. Select to display General Ledger accounts only.

Set the following Advanced options for the batch or journal:

Option Description
Always Balance Leave blank.
Not Open Item Batch Leave blank. You may select this option to disable the Open Item Selection and Open Item confirmation messages for Open Item Debtor Accounts.
Remember Tax on Contra Account Leave blank.
Remember Contra on Account Leave blank.
Account code lookup type
Select All to display the General Ledger as well as Debtor Accounts in the Search or Lookup facility, if you are entering receipts and deposits for moneys received from Debtors as well as miscellaneous cash sales.

If you need to enter only the receipts and deposit slips for payments received from Debtors only, select the Debtor option. You will then only be able to select Debtor Accounts when entering receipts.
Contra account code lookup type All is the default setting. Changing this setting is optional. You may select General Ledger for the Contra Account, since the balancing entries or transactions will always be generated to a General Ledger Account, i.e. the Bank Account, and Tax Accounts (if tax is applicable to the entries in this batch or journal).

Click on the button to proceed with entering your transactions in the receipts batch.

The Amount Entry Option for the Receipts Journal or batch should be set as credit and the Payments Journal or batch should be set as debit.