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After entering all your transactions in a batch, and before updating or posting the transactions to the ledger, you need to print a list of the transactions entered in the batch. This will allow you to finally check that all of the transactions entered into a batch are correct. If there are any errors, you should edit and correct them before posting the batch. Once the transactions in a batch are updated or posted to the ledger, and there were errors, you need to process another transaction in another batch to correct these errors.

It is also good practice to print a batch list and attach the source documents (e.g. slips, invoices, etc.) from which you have entered the transactions in the batch. The reason for this is that there have to be an audit trial to the transactions. This will also enable you or any auditor or inspector (e.g. from the Receiver of Revenue or Inland Revenue) to independently verify the transactions in your set of books. In accordance with various legislation (e.g. Income Tax Act, VAT Act, Companies Act, etc.), the records of account (including source documents) should be retained for a prescribed period (usually 5 years).

You may list the entries at any time when transactions have been entered in a batch even if the batch has been balanced or not. Before printing a list of your batch transactions, you need to decide if you wish to include the balancing entries. Should you wish to include the balancing entries on your batch list, you need to first balance the batch.


To List Transactions Entered in a Batch:
Right-click on the selected batch (journal) on the Batch Type Selection screen and select the Print option on the Context menu; or -
Click on the speed button or icon or press the key on your keyboard to list the batch. It is a good idea to list the batch and check the entries on the batch thoroughly. If there are any errors, you may edit the batch before posting the batch.

Title bar. Close button - click to close or exit this screen. The number of copies can only be selected if the Send to Printer option is selected. Select to Send the List to the screen, printer, file, fax or e-mail. Click to select a printer and to do a Dot-matrix printer paper setup. Click to generate the report. Click to close or exit this screen.
Select to send the batch to the screen, printer, save it in a specific file format or send it via e-mail or fax.
Click on the button.

If the Printer was selected in the Send Report To field, You may select the number of copies you wish to print the batch list. The batch list will be printed to the default printer on your system. If you click on the Printer Setup button, you may also select a different printer than the printer set in the Setup - Preferences - Printer menu option. You may also set the margins, paper type, paper size, and paper quality in the Page Setup button on the Select Printer screen.