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This option allows you to select a printer and set the properties for the selected printer.

To Select a Printer and Set the Printer Properties:
Once the Bank Statement Report is generated to the screen, click on the speed button or icon. The Print screen will be displayed.

Title bar. Click to display Windows help on this screen. Close button - click to exit this screen. Click on the down-arrow to select any available printer on your system. Click to set the properties for the selected printer. Status - indicates if it is the default printer and / or if it is active, or documents in the print queue. The Name of the selected printer. The port on your system for the selected printer. Print range. Set the number of copies to be printed. Click to print the report on the selected printer. Click to cancel and close or exit this screen.
If the Name of the Printer is not the printer on which you wish to print the report, click on the down-arrow on the right-hand side of the name field to select any other available printer on your system.
You may click on the Properties button to set the properties for the printer, such as the paper size, letter quality, etc. The Property screens for the selected printers may differ.
Once your printer is selected and the properties are set, click on the button.
Click on the speed button or icon to print the report to the selected printer.