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This option is used to generate a report to verify that your cash book balance and your balance of your bank statement as at a specific or selected period is in balance. This is to verify that all transactions are captured in the cash-book and that all bank charges and other debits and credits on your bank statement are accounted for in your cash-book.

This report will display the reconciled Bank Balance which is the closing bank balance as at a specific date less outstanding deposits plus any outstanding cheques not appearing on your bank statement as at the end of that date. The reconciled balance as at the specified date, should balance with the Bank Balance According to TurboCASH. Any difference between the reconciled balance and the balance according to TurboCASH reflect that entries on your bank statement is not entered into your cash book, and could also relate in possible errors in your cash book.

To generate a Bank Reconciliation report:
Click on the Reports - Reconciliation menu option or press the and and keys on your keyboard
- OR -

If you are on the Bank Reconciliation screen, you may click on the icon or speed button. The Reconcile Bank Account screen will be displayed.


Title bar. Close button - will exit or close this screen. Select, Screen, Printer, File, E-Mail or Fax. Copies - the number can only be selected if the Printer option is selected. Click to change the Printer and the Page Setup for Dot Matrix Printers. Click to generate the report. Click to close or exit this screen. Select a Bank Account to generate the Bank Reconciliation Report or Statement. Enter or select any valid date to include payments and receipt transactions for the selected Bank Account. You may use the Date Picker to select the date. Enter the closing balance of the bank statement as for the selected date.
Select and enter the following:



Bank Account Select a Bank Account to generate the Bank Reconciliation Report or Statement. You may select any of your available Cash-Books you have set up in the Edit - Accounts - Bank Accounts menu option.
Include Items Until Select the date until which you wish to include your Cash- Book transactions and reconciled items in the Bank Reconciliation Report or Statement.
Bank Balance Enter the closing bank balance as at the end of a specific date as reflected on your bank balance.

Click on the button. The Cash-book Reconciliation report will be displayed.