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A Balance Sheet is a snapshot of the business as it reflects the Assets, Liabilities and Capital at a specific moment in time. The Balance Sheet is a statement of all Assets and Liabilities of a business at a particular time. It has three main components, i.e. Assets, Liabilities and Capital. This report will reflect the owners' interest in the business as well as all Liabilities and Assets.

The Balance Sheet will list all the balances of your accounts, which is not created as an Income / Expense type in the Edit - Accounts - General Ledger menu option. The Reporting Account Groups (on the Account Group 1 tab in the Setup - System Parameters - Groups menu option) should be linked to the Assets, Capital and Liabilities Financial Categories (in the Setup - System Parameters - Financial Categories menu option) before this report is generated.

To generate a Balance Sheet:
Click on the Reports - General - Balance Sheet menu option or press the and keys on your keyboard. You may also press the and and and keys on your keyboard. The Balance Sheet Options screen will be displayed.

Title bar - double-click to display the screen in full size or to return to the normal size. Close button - will exit or close this screen. Select, Screen, Printer, File, E-Mail or Fax. Copies - the number can only be selected if the Printer option is selected. Click to change the Printer and the Page Setup for Dot Matrix Printers. Click to generate the report. Click to close or exit this screen. Select Account Reporting Group 1 or 2. Select to view all accounts, including those with zero balances. Select to view balances for all accounts, including s Select the start and end period. Select to display the decimals. If left blank, only the nearest Rand or Pound will be displayed. Minimise button - click to minimise this screen. Restore button - click to restore this screen.
Select the following options:


Option Description
Sequence To be displayed in the sequence of either Account Group 1 or 2 (Reporting Group 1 or 2). The description of Account Group 1 or 2 you have entered on the Reporting Group Name field on the Accounts tab on the Setup - System Parameters - Groups menu option may be reflected in this drop down list.
Show Decimal Leave blank to view the amounts rounded off to the nearest currency unit (e.g. Rands or Pounds).
From If the cursor is in this field, the Periods search facility will be displayed. Select the start date from which you wish to include the balances.
To If the cursor is in this field, the Periods fast search facility will be displayed. Select the end date until which you wish to include the balances.
Display Sub-Accounts Tick this option to view the balances of your sub-accounts. If this option is not ticked, no sub-accounts will be displayed and a summary of the net values for the main account will be displayed.
Include Zero Balances If this field is left blank, all selected accounts with transactions and balances will be displayed.

If this field is selected, all accounts listed in your chart of accounts will be displayed and balances will only be displayed for those accounts with transactions.

Click on the button. The Balance Sheet will to send the report to the medium, you have selected in the Send Report To field.

TurboCASH may ask you to confirm, whether you would like to include opening balances.

Click on the button to include Opening Balances from the previous financial period or financial year. If you click on the button, the Balance Sheet will list the value of your debit and credit transactions for the selected period.

When you click on the button for any report, which contains transactions, etc. TurboCASH will check for unposted items and display the number of unposted Batches and Documents. You may select to view the details of the unposted Batches and Documents. This is an important facility as these batches contain transactions, which will not be included in your reports.

If the balance sheet does not display correctly or in the required sequence:
  1. Click on the Setup - System Parameters - Financial Categories menu option. The Financial Categories screen will be displayed.

  2. Check that your Account Groups are correctly linked to the Assets, Capital and Liabilities Financial Categories.

  3. Select the Print Capital before Liabilities or Print Liabilities before Capital.

  4. Close or exit the Financial Categories screen and generate the Balance Sheet.